Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Dear Hospital Executives,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the inaugural edition of the Hospital C-Suite Summit (HC-S Summit 2024), an international gathering of hospital leaders which will take place on 28 30 October 2024 in the charming city of Vienna, Austria. As a distinguished leader and hospital executive, your insights and expertise will be invaluable in enriching the discussions and shaping the future of our hospitals in Europe and around the world.

The Hospital C-Suite Summit aims to foster collaborations and the exchange of ideas among top executives like yourself, with a keen focus on technology and innovation, workforce dynamics, patient experience enhancement, and the leadership of future hospitals. This Summit serves as a platform for you to explore emerging trends, share best practices, and strategize on how to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery.

The agenda for the Summit will include keynote addresses, panel discussions, and interactive sessions facilitated by internationally renowned healthcare experts and thought leaders. Topics to be covered include:

  • Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Patient Care: Exploring the latest advancements in healthcare technology and their impact on clinical outcomes and operational efficiency;
  • Building a Resilient Workforce: Addressing workforce challenges, such as recruitment, retention, and professional development, in an era of rapid change;
  • Elevating Patient Experience: Strategies for delivering patient-centered care and enhancing satisfaction through innovative approaches and personalized interactions;
  • Shaping the Future Hospital: Anticipating trends and disruptions in healthcare delivery and charting a course towards a more sustainable and adaptable healthcare ecosystem.

Our vision is to establish the Summit as the premier global meeting place for C-suite executives in the healthcare industry. We aspire to create an unparalleled platform where top-level leaders converge to exchange insights, forge connections, and collaborate on finding optimal solutions for the challenges which hospitals face. Through robust discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and meaningful networking opportunities, we aim to foster a dynamic environment where innovative ideas are cultivated, partnerships are formed, and collective action is taken to address the most pressing challenges facing our industry.

We believe that your participation will greatly enrich the dialogue and contribute to actionable insights that can drive positive change within our respective organizations and the broader healthcare community.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna on 28 – 30 October 2024 for the inaugural Hospital C-Suite Summit and engaging in meaningful discussions!

On Behalf of the Steering Committee,

Dr. Anna van Poucke, The Netherlands

Prof. Zeev Rotstein, Israel

Ms. Shai-Lee Spigelman, Israel

Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Israel

Prof. Marcel Levi, The Netherlands

Prof. Melvin Samsom, The UK

Prof. Uzi Beller, Israel